Niall one shot for beyoncah

-Marissa xx

"Truth or Dare."

You plop down on the couch in between Niall and Harry. You were all hanging out at Liam’s house and in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm, so the power was completely shot. The 6 of you were all sitting in Liam’s living room in the dark except for a few of the candles you and Liam managed to find and light.

"Well, what do we do now?" Zayn asks as he takes a swig of his drink.

"No TV, no Internet, I guess we have to actually talk to each other." Louis snickers.

You chuckle as you roll your eyes at you’re silly friends.

"Let’s play truth or dare!" Harry exclaims.

You look at him in disbelief, “What is this, 5th grade?”

"Oh come on! It’ll be fun!"

You purse your lips at him and smirk, “Okay Styles. Truth or dare?”


"Sissy." You scoff.

"Okay, Harry!" Louis chimes in, "What was the most embarrassing thing a friends ever done to you?"

Harry erupts into fits of giggles, “Probably when Liam pulled my trousers down in front of all those people at that concert!”

Liam is clutching his sides, rolling on the floor as he laughs relentlessly. “C’mon, that was a good one!!”

"Humiliating!" Harry exclaims.

Once we’ve all stopped laughing. Harry scopes out the room for his next victim.

He smiles at you, “(Y/N)…”

Of course.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare." You say bravely.

All 5 boys are smiling at you, on the edge of there seats with what Harry is going to say.

"I dare you to kiss Niall."


"W-What?" You ask in disbelief.

"Oh come on! We all know you both have the hots for each other. This is well over do." Harry chuckles as the rest of the boys nod in agreement,

You look at Niall who’s giving you that boyish grin you love. Harry was right, you’d had the “hots” for Niall since the first day you met the boys. But you never knew it was a mutual thing.

Before you know it, Niall’s snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you into him before your lips touch his. It’s pure bliss. You smile as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him deeper. Becoming completely consumed within his kiss.

"Okay guys, that’s enough!" Zayn says, throwing a pillow at the two of you.

You and Niall pull away, but only a few centimeters. You forget about your surroundings completely and become lost in Niall’s blue eyes.

"You fancy me?" You ask with a smile.

He smiles back at you, “Always have.”

You smile until it hurts, and despite the boys groans, lean into kiss Niall once more.

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