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Is this real life?

Is this real life?

Chapter Eighteen

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For mature readers only, please. (Smut X Fluff)

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"And Your Eyes Are Irresistible"

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"Whatever you choose to do is fine :) hope all is well! xx ps I loveee your writing, you're so talented"

Thank you so much, babe!!! Just wanna make sure it’s al good for you guysss.

-Marissa xx

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"Everything okay love?? I noticed you haven't updated and I just wanted to make sure you're alright xx"

You’re too sweet. Yeah, babe. I’m doing fine. Just having a bit of writer’s block. I was doing homework Monday and had work Tuesday but was playing around with some ideas and they were kinda ehhh. But I’m gonna try again today and see where everything goes!! Just don’t wanna provide y’all with a shitty chapter.

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"It's Monday, are you updating today? :)"

It’s kinda up in the air. I don’t have a set idea for how I want this chapter to go yet. So I’m gonna mess around with a few ideas tonight and if I like it I’ll post tonight but if not, I’ll work more on it tomorrow and it’ll deff be up by then! If just rather post a good chapter a day late than a half assed chapter. Ya feel me?

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"Ok first of all let me say you're gorgeous and I can't like how do you do that?!?!?!? But I was wondering if you got my request that's been sent a while ago. I'm on the app so sometimes my messages don't go through. My name is Kirsten by the way! Thank you xx"

You are seriously so sweet oh my gosh I’m blushing. But which one was your request? We have like. 200 in our ask right now so it’s kinda hard to keep track!!

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"don't end losing myself! it's my only fanfic that i actually like that's still updating! i need it in my life ❤️"

OMG I’m not ending it! When I said it was it was just an April fools prank! But thank you so much for reading it, you’re the bomb!

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