If you watch the whole video I don’t know if you survive

omg the hair. I’m can’t handle this. 

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Hey guys! I’m sorry to ask this but does anyone know what time you should get to the arena if you have UVIP tickets or the Live While We’re Young Package?


"is Cathy updating soon??? :-/"

is Cathy updating tonight?

Hey everybody! I’m so sorry for making you wait. I’m writing and editing tonight. My first week of school was this week and I got bombarded with a lot of stuff. Not to mention, my sister and I are going to the One Direction concert tomorrow so we’re pretty pumped.

Thank you for being patient and if it’s not up by tonight, expect it by Saturday latest. Love you all!

-Cathy xx.

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So my lovely co-owner Cathy ’challenged’ me to say five nice things about myself publicly, and this is my attempt:

I’m helpfull;
I believe that I’m good at helping people, weather they just need someone to talk too or they need someone to help them study or whatever. And I quite enjoy it. 

I smile at strangers;
It might sound weird, but I personally love walking past someone and they smile at me. It’s one of those small things that just might make someone feel a bit better and I really like the thought of that.

I’m funny;
I love making people laugh, and I’m kinda known amongst friends for being that funny girl who cracks jokes and stuff. My friends and family tell me quite often that they find me hilarious, and honestly that makes me the happiest person ever. 

I’m weird;
To some this might not sound positive, but to me it’s one of the biggest compliments. First of all because being ‘weird’ often means being a bit different from everyone else, and thats great - who wants to just be one amongst the crowd? Second, my weirdness is often what makes people laugh, as in telling weird jokes or just bursting out something without really thinking too much about it. 

I take good selfies;
Now, of course this is just my personal opinion. But if ya’ll saw me in real life, you’d be surprised. I think that somehow I have a talent of just looking that much better on selfies than I do otherwise, and honestly I’m quite proud of that. 

So that was me being positive for once. I hope it inspires some of you all to think positive about yourselves too! 
I will be passing on the challenge to 10 of my favorite followers, so keep an eye out for that in your ask <3

Xx Millie

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Houston, TX - 8/22

Houston, TX - 8/22

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Chapter 16 is up! Enjoy!

Read my lovelies! Readdddd

-Cathy xx.

are u kidding me

are u kidding me

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Chapter 15 is up! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Fly! Fly my pretties!

-Cathy xx.


"update tonight love.? xx"

WHWYWM is updated! <3

-Cathy xx.

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